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11 September 2006

A Devil of a quandry

I came upstairs to write a nice, calm, rational post about the last of the big-name free-agent goalie signings (Bryzgalov and Miller) and Vokoun's big-money contract extension, but I got distracted by this. Thanks to astute reader SquishyGirl, I now have a major moral dilemma. I can't have a goalie blog and not read this book. But I gag at the thought of lining this man's pockets with even one red cent. I could buy it used... but then I'd have to wait. And my blog would not be cutting edge. (Because.... you know.... I just have my finger on the pulse of goalie related news. Ahem. Yeah.) I could steal it, as the intrepid D-Man recommended, but that goes against my moral fiber. And yes, I do have some of that. I try to get at least 15 grams a day.

My dislike for Maaaaaarrrr-ttttyyyyy admitedly has a lot to do with the fact that I am a Ranger fan. A Ranger fan living in the midst of enemy territory, where cars on the highway every morning sport the logo of the hated rivals, where people who find out I am a hockey fan immediately assume I am a Devils fan. However, there is more to it than that. He is cocky, and has the kind of face you just want to wipe the smirk off of. Even his status as goalie - and therefore a step above all other human beings- isn't quite enough to mitigate my territorial loathing of the man. Even the fact that he is a living goaltending legend isn't enough to make me part with my hard-earned cash for this book without a twinge of irrational rivalry-induced guilt. But in the end, I will probably end up taking one for the team and forcing myself to read this equivalent of supermarket-tabloid goalie-related drivel, just because no self-respecting goalie fan can pass up the opportunity to read the divinely inspired words of the Goalie God Himself, Saint Martin.

Someone please shoot me if I have the same reaction after reading this book as I had after reading Eric Lindros' book: "hey... he's really not such a bad guy after all". Really. Please. Put me out of my misery if those words leave my mouth. Or in this case, fingertips.

I'm holding every last one of you to that. Beacuse I can't resist. You all know I will probably be pre-ordering this book and will devour it the minute it arrives on my doorstep. Now please excuse me while I go look for my spine. I seem to have left it somewhere....


  • At 12:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Two things:
    1. An author of such a book generally gets some monster advance and then gets perhaps a 10-15% royalty (at most). So if it is a $25 book, you're really only putting $2.50 or so in his pocket... and considering how you've gone to Devils home games, you've probably already put that much in his pocket already (you pay the Devils, the Devils pay him). So, instead, think about how if the book sells well enough, fringe fans may read it and get involved with hockey - and with him retiring in a few years, those newfound fans will jump on the King Henrik bandwagon. :)

    2. If you still can't bring yourself to buy it, you can always ask for it as a Christimas present. :)


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