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05 September 2006

Getting closer...

It won't be long now. Rookie camps are opening, then training camps will start, then the pre-season, and we'll be on our way. All of this European fare has been interesting in the interim, but I sorely miss "my NHL" (please don't sue me, Mr. Bettman). How in the world did I survive the lockout?!

Over across the pond, the Nordic Trophy games came to an end today. Unfortunately the site hasn't been updated with the final standings, but it does at least show that the championship game will be on September 9th between Färjestad and Kärpät (go weasels!).

The Russian Super Leauge's season begins on September 7th. I'll have my eye on Ak Bars Kazan, which should be interesting considering the only Russian I remember from my college days is how to read the alphabet.

But here... over here on US soil, we get a little treat. The annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament takes place in Michigan from September 8th through the 12th. Prospects representing eight NHL teams will take to the ice; Detroit, Tampa Bay, Columbus, Dallas, Atlanta, Minnesota, St. Louis and the NY Rangers. Speaking from the perspective of a Ranger fan, it will be great to get a glimpse at some of our "marquis" prospects (Montoya, Sauer, Staal, Sanguinetti, etc.) as well as some of the lesser known ones.

And the calendar drags on...


  • At 9:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm surprised that more of the international jerseys aren't sold over here, considering how people wear sporting attire these days more based on fashion than team loyalty.


  • At 11:20 AM , Blogger Goalie_Gal said...

    It might be because most of them are (no offense to any international readers) ugly as sin. At least the Russian ones aren't too bad, they're not peppered with ads.

    As far as ad placement goes though, nothing beats the Swiss insurance company's ad placed on the back of the pants, that reads "we cover your ass". Priceless.


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