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05 August 2006

Is this thing on?

As you can see, I didn't keep up with the free agent signings like I said I would. It all became a little overwhelming. I've been on vacation, figuratively and literally, but now I'm back.

(Edited to add: I couldn't help myself... I went back and updated the goalie status in my free agent post. Carry on...)

While I was away, Detroit signed Dominik Hasek. While I revere the man for what he's brought to the game, I really think it's time for him to pack it in. For real this time. And Detroit needs to stop scapegoating their netminder for their post-season flop- it wasn't only in goal where they fell apart. That said, I do hope he has a great season with them.

The other bit of goalie news to catch my eye this week was Mika Noronen (formerly of the Vancouver Canucks, formerly of the goalie-glutted Buffalo Sabres) signing with Russian League team Ak Bars Kazan. I can't really say why I like Noronen, but it's probably that whole underdog thing- in Buffalo he was 3rd fiddle but deserving of a bigger role, if he wasn't stuck in Biron's and Miller's shadows. Though I didn't follow the Russian league as closely as I did the Swedish league last season, I do plan to keep my eye on them this year, Ak Bars in particular. Noronen will get much more playing time over there (40-ish games compared to the 10 or so games, crumbs from Luongo's table). What remains to be seen now is who will fill the backup role behind Luongo. Canucks fans on HFboards have been bickering about it for days... just as Devils fans are bickering about the rumors of Mike Dunham replacing Scott Clemmensen.

Ah, the fun of the off-season. I sure as heck couldn't have guessed Hasek would be back in Detroit and Belfour would be in Florida by summer's end.


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