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13 September 2006

Even Flyers fans are laughing

Not many people in my office are hockey fans. A few guys are sports fans in general, which means they listen to WFAN and hear about hockey once in a blue moon. Usually only when something bizarre or major is happening, because that is the only time WFAN bothers to talk about hockey. Which is probably a good thing, because Mike and the Mad Dog know as much about hockey as I do about the dietary habits of the Majestic Norwegian Moose. But I digress.

There is a guy in my office who grew up in Philly, and who's sports interests lie mostly in football and baseball, but is aware enough about hockey to be a casual Flyers fan. I used to sit near his cube, so he got a real earful about the lockout. Today he wandered down to my office for a chat.

Flyers Fan: I have two questions for you. First... what's the realistic life span of a hockey player?

Me: Life span???

FF: I mean.... career span. How long is a hockey player's career usually?

Me: Well, it depends...

FF: Well, this 15 year contract....

(I start laughing. I had no idea where he was going with this up until that point.)

FF: How old is DiPietro?

Me: Well he'll be 40 if he plays until the end of his contract.

FF: Isn't that kind of old?

Me: Let me put it this way. The best goalie in the world, actively playing, is 41. And he's got a bit of rust on him, as much as I hate to say it.

FF: Who is that?

Me: Dominik Hasek.

FF: Oh yeah.... Hasek.

Me: DiPietro isn't going to be playing until he's 40. Maybe by then he can be GM.


  • At 4:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I already wrote what I had to write about DP, so instead, I have this to offer:

    Tycho Brahe, a famous physicist and astronomer, had a pet moose that once got drunk and died when it fell down the stairs in his castle. He most likely ate twigs, leaves, tender tips of shrugs, and of course, table scraps.


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