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18 September 2006

Another conversation with the Flyers fan

I’m not a huge football fan, but I am a casual Giants fan just by default because that is the team my family has always rooted for. (Yes, I know this is a hockey blog… stay with me on this, I promise it will tie in).

Yesterday as I carbo-loaded in preparation for my first official game with my new team, an all-women’s team, I watched the Giants/Eagles game. I actually found myself quite into it, even yelled at the TV a little. And this was during the first half, so you can’t call me a bandwagon Giants fan for that. I did wander off to do some other things but came back when I found out they’d tied, and watched the rest of the game. I was happy that the Giants came back and won, but was even more gleeful about the fact that I could gloat about it to that Philadelphia transplant in my office. My opportunity came toward the end of the day as I was getting my afternoon coffee. Flyers Fan happened to be loading up on caffeine as well.

Me: So… I watched a football game yesterday.

FF (warily): Really? What game did you watch?

Me: Oh…the Giants/Eagles game.

We had a friendly banter about the game, and then when we both discovered that the other had lost their cable connection mid-game, the conversation turned to Cablevision, otherwise known in these parts (ok, just in my house) as “Evil Empire”. He complained that they are always telling him to buy this or that device to increase his bandwidth.

FF: I think it’s just a ruse so they can keep paying your Rangers.

Me: Nah, the salary cap has saved the Rangers from themselves.

FF: Ok, then it’s for the Continual Mark Messier Retirement Party.

Me: Maybe. But it might be funneled into the Brian Leetch Retirement Party fund, since it looks like we’ll be getting him back in time for him to retire.

FF: What happened? You guys were doing so well, sticking with the young guys… now you have Shanahan, and maybe Leetch? Why don’t they just call up Wayne Gretzky and ask him to play for another few years?

Is it me, or does this “Flyers fan” know an awful lot about the Rangers?

In other news…
The only good thing this Ranger fan can say about the Devils’ 5-0 mauling of the Bruins in their first pre-season game is that defenseman Johnny Oduya, formerly of the Frölunda Indians, had 3 assists.

And speaking of the Frölunda Indians, they played their first game of the regular season today, and lost to Linköpings 5-2. Goaltenders were Salo for Frölunda and Cechmanek for Linköpings. (Talk about retirement parties…)

Yesterday, Ak Bars Kazan bested Metallurg Magnitogorsk by a score of 3-1 and kept Czech sensation Jan Marek scoreless.


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